Tuesday, 31 December 2013

"Town Haunts" Coming Out in February 2014

Tag line:  “It takes a witch to catch a ghost.”

Cemetery caretaker Sherman Mason is horrified when he hears his dead wife calling to him from her grave on Thanksgiving night.  He asks newcomer Tiernay Rae, a gorgeous witch and the proprietor of the Healing Hands store, to hold a séance to find out what’s making his wife’s ghost restless.  Tiernay hasn’t had time to establish a coven in town, however, so her roguish brother, Greg, suggests that Anna Nolan and her old friends, May and Erna, fill in ‒ “the maiden, the mother, and the crone” as he calls them.  But with Halloween fast approaching and the séance unleashing a malicious evil in the town of Crane, can Anna and her friends trust Tiernay to get the job done?

Town Haunts is the second novel in the Anna Nolan mystery series.
To be published by Comely Press in February 2014.

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