Monday, 16 June 2014

Town Haunts Review, and Why I Hate Asking Readers for Reviews

Over My Dead Body!The Mystery Magazine Online has published a review of Town Haunts, the second book in the Anna Nolan Mystery series. My thanks to them for their endorsement.

Although I hate to say it, both professional and readers' reviews do seem critical to a book's success. And the reason I hate to say it is because I don't like asking readers to leave a review of my book on their e-retailer's website. Readers were never expected to review books before the dawn of e-books, other than to share their enjoyment of a book with their friends - hopefully. Today, authors are all clamouring for buyers to leave reviews with Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. because it helps us to sell books. Not that readers should feel beholden to leave a review; after all, they've just shelled out their hard-earned bucks to purchase the book. But today's readers don't seem comfortable purchasing a book unless it has a good rating, particularly if the author is new and struggling to build an audience. Good ratings mean more purchases, which lead to more visibility on a bookseller's site, which leads to more purchases.

So, I shall swallow my reluctance and ask readers who have enjoyed my books to please leave a review with their e-retailer, should they be so inclined. And thank you to all of the readers who have left positive reviews already. Your appreciation means a great deal to me, and encourages me to continue writing.

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