Monday, 10 November 2014

Cover Release for 3rd Installment of Anna Nolan Series

Here's the cover for Tidings of Murder and Woe, the third novel in the Anna Nolan mystery series, to be released on December 4. More information to follow.

Teaser:  Christmas can be murder on families.


Christmas can be murder on families, especially when your mother is Julia Moreland, the CEO of a Calgary oil company. Julia has a secret she’s about to announce to the press, but someone is sending her threatening notes, warning her to keep her mouth shut.

Anna Nolan’s boss, Magdalena, is dating Julia’s stepson. Soon she’s asking for Anna’s help to keep her boyfriend out of jail. But Anna doesn’t want to get involved. Two criminal investigations in one year are already more than her nerves can handle.

Will Anna get the peaceful Christmas of her dreams, or will it be filled with murder and woe?

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