Friday, 27 February 2015

The Great British Baking Show Doughnut Challenge!

It's February 27th in Ontario, Canada, which makes it the dead of winter. My daughter got me watching The Great British Baking Show over Christmas, and I viewed Series 5, Episode 8 online tonight. There were 3 different baking challenges for the 5 remaining passionate amateurs vying to be named the best baker in the United Kingdom, and the third challenge was - doughnuts! Each contestant made 2 different-flavoured doughnuts, and what a variety they came up with. Here's the link to the program so that you can see the doughnuts being made. But, beware! Watching this bake-off will probably lead to serious doughnut cravings. And where are you going to go to get doughnuts like these? 

Luis made a cocktail doughnut in a glass with a shot of Baileys in the middle.

Nancy made children's chocolate doughnuts with cute faces and hung them on a tree.

Richard made heart-shaped doughnuts with a rhubarb-custard filling.

Chetna made a braided doughnut with a buttery, spicy glaze.

Martha made doughnuts with a chocolate & passionfruit filling plus a glazed lemon poppyseed.

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