Thursday, 26 March 2015

The Wattpad Experiment - Part 2

Since I began the Wattpad experiment last Saturday, which is serializing the first half of The Dating Do-Over on Wattpad to try to increase the book's visibility, I've tried a few strategies. The first was to create a diary of my experience with Wattpad on Wattpad. Since all the stories I've seen on the site have covers, I quickly created one using Microsoft Publisher. There's the cover at the top of this post. I created a description explaining how the experiment came to be, published a first chapter explaining how the experiment was to work, and a second with the Wattpad link to The Dating Do-Over.

Here's the link to The Wattpad Experiment:  Or This is the Exciting Part!
And here's the link to The Dating Do-Over as it appears on Wattpad.

Next I wondered how to get some Wattpad readers. I discovered this manual:  How to promote a story and have fun on Wattpad. Basically, it talks about how to promote your book on social media, provides HTML tips on how to format text, add links and book covers (which was useful to me in posting with group discussions, but didn't seem to work while posting the book chapter), the do's and don'ts about Wattpad spamming, etc . . .

Here's the link to How to promote a story and have fun on Wattpad.

Then I checked out the "Community" tab at the top of the site, which had 4 drop-down options. "Clubs" was useful. Each literary genre has a club, and authors can promote their stories in their book category. The Dating Do-Over's category is romance, so using the HTML tips from the manual, I posted the cover, synopsis, and Wattpad link for the book. I also had a look at the discussion threads in the Romance forum and found a discussion about what was the most romantic thing that ever happened to you. Since this was the topic of my 2015 Valentine's Day contest, I was able to contribute to the discussion.

Finally, I posted the second chapter of the book yesterday, right on schedule.

What are the results? Wattpad counts the number of people who've had a look at your story, as well as the votes for when someone likes your story. So far I have 10 look-ins for The Dating Do-Over, and 3 look-ins for The Wattpad Experiment. Hopefully that number will grow as I post more book chapters over the following weeks. I'll also be posting the chapters here on Sundays and Wednesdays, so don't forget to check back .

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