Friday, 3 April 2015

Minion Easter Eggs

Let me tell you up front that I am not a crafts person, but this year I couldn't resist trying Minion Easter Eggs. As you no doubt know, Minions are those adorable, well, minions, from the animated movie, Despicable Me. They seem to pop up everywhere these days, but if you don't know what I'm talking about, here's a picture of two of them.

I saw a Facebook post on how to turn Easter eggs into Minions with dye, googly eyes, glue, string, and a Sharpie, and to make it even simpler, I left off the string. I got dye on my finger tips and, unfortunately, left marks on some of their heads. I also discovered that I'm not very good at drawing a circle around the top of an egg. After a while, I asked my husband, who's more crafty than I, to help me finish up because I was getting tired. Here's two pictures of the results. Not perfect, but cute. By the way, you'll notice that not all of the eggs are yellow and blue, like the Minions. It was too hard to resist using some of the other colours. My explanation is that the non-traditionally coloured Minions are cousins from foreign locales.

Now that they're done, it will probably be a couple of years before I try anything like this again, but it was fun. Happy Easter!

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