Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Have You Kissed Too Many Frogs?

Been having trouble with your romantic life? Had one preposterous boyfriend after another? Did the last one make your friends cringe every time he opened his uncouth mouth, or make your daddy's fingers itch for a shotgun?

Have you begun to doubt your own judgement? Maybe you're just no good at choosing a decent man for yourself, you're thinking. Maybe you'd have better luck if you relied on someone else - someone who knows you really well and has your best interests at heart - to choose a man for you. Think it could work?

That's the predicament my heroine, Viv Nowak, finds herself in when she allows her two best friends to give her a dating do-over. So take a break from your worries, have a few laughs, and find out what happens to Viv in The Dating Do-Over. 

On sale at a special introductory offer of only $1.99 at most e-book retailers.

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