Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Countdown to Halloween: Nine Things I Love About Halloween

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Yes, that's me in my witches' costume. Once a year, we adults get a chance to put on some goofy get-up and look downright silly. Here's a few pictures of adults looking goofy, sexy, and just plain strange.

Shrek and Shrekette

I like this one. Very clever.

Peace, sisters

Um, he really likes baby dolls.

But Halloween really belongs to children. When those little ones are nudged forward by their moms and dads into your open doorway, not exactly knowing what's going on, but ready to accept whatever candy comes their way, it's downright adorable.

Big brother lion and little sister zebra

Those glasses are just too big, Clark.

Ah, it's a baby taco!

Just give her all your candy.

Can't wait to see who turns up at my door this year. Trick-or-treat!

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