Friday, 1 July 2016

Summer Reading

It's July 1st, and I thought it would be fun to keep track of the books I'm reading this summer. If you're looking for suggestions, maybe you'll find a gold nugget in my list.

I've started with a Nick Hornby kick, devouring two of his books this week. I first became aware of About a Boy while seeing it as a movie some years back, starring Hugh Grant and a very young Nicholas Hoult, who's doing pretty well for himself these days. The other Hornby book was Funny Girl, about a gorgeous young woman living in Blackpool in the 1960's who idolizes Lucille Ball and wants an acting career as a comedienne even though she's never had any training. I like Hornby's narrative voice; it's very easy to read and his characters are charming and so human.

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