Friday, 21 September 2012

Ladies Don't Fart and Other Misconceptions: A Baby-Boomer Grows Up

I was born in 1958.  Too late for the era of poodle skirts and Elvis mania and hanging out at the soda shop after the drive-in movie.  I was busy drooling and having my diapers changed.  I was in elementary school during the radical '60's, so no bra-burning or love-ins for me. 

When was I a teen-ager?  During the '70's.  The ugliest decade of them all.  Remember the midi-skirts?  Horn-rimmed glasses?  Polyester pant suits with ruffled blouses?  It wasn't pretty, my friend.  So remember that when you're doing your family planning.  Try not to give birth to children during an ugly decade.  It makes for an unattractive photo album.

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