Friday, 24 May 2013

I've Started My Own Publishing Company!

Yesterday, I decided that I was wasting an opportunity in not e-publishing my short stories on Amazon and Smashwords. I got my inspiration from author and publisher Dean Wesley Smith and his wonderful postings entitled "Think Like a Publisher" Not only should I publish my short stories, but I must publish my novels, which are currently e-published by Books We Love, in paperback, and sooner rather than later.  In order to do that, I needed to create my own publishing company, a sole proprietorship.

I spent an hour or so coming up with a name. It was very frustrating; every time I thought of a great name, I googled it and found it was already taken. I finally settled on one that wasn't taken - Comely Press. My next move was to buy the website domain right away before it was taken. So now I have a website for Comely Press,, and an e-mail address,

There are many steps to a career in writing and publishing, and yesterday I took another one. Huzzah!


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  2. Puff, puff, getting there. Busy publishing 2 Tall Tales Twin-Packs this weekend.

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