Sunday, 24 November 2013

Two Goodreads Book Giveaways!

Both of my books are entered in a Goodreads giveaway. 

Click on the links and enter to win one of five copies.

 Anna Nolan discovers her ex-husband, Jack, on a deserted country road one night - dead, unfortunately. He could only have been in town to see Anna, unless Jack was looking for their son, Ben. At least, that’s how the tall, cool Brit leading the police investigation sees it. To divert suspicion away from her son and herself, Anna delves into Jack’s personal life, only to discover that the actor had been romancing three very different women on a nearby film set. With some rather unorthodox ideas on how to conduct a murder investigation, Anna sets about meeting her ex-husband’s lovers, with harrowing results! 

Harriet Walters, a twenty-six year old spinster, is evicted from her home and sent to live with a persnickety aunt. Resigned to the life of an unpaid companion, fate intervenes and Harriet becomes an heiress. Leaving her small town life for the glittering attractions of London, Harriet chooses an unconventional path to happiness and love.

Welcome to the Regency world, where life is slower, people are more courteous, and men and women court each other. So, pour yourself a cup of tea or chocolate, sit back in your chair, and enjoy an old-fashioned romance.

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