Friday, 28 February 2014

5 Reasons You Might Enjoy "Town Haunts"

Hurrah! Today is publication day for Town Haunts

Here's 5 reasons why you might enjoy reading it:
  1. The story is set in a small town with characters a little larger than life.
  2. Do you like ghost stories? How about a story with a gorgeous young witch with a bad attitude? Town Haunts has both!
  3. The heroine, Anna Nolan, is 40-years-old with a grown son, so she approaches life with a little more experience. "Still crazy after all these years."
  4. Do you like romance without explicit sex scenes and murder mysteries without the gore? You're in luck; this story is a cozy mystery/romantic suspense.
  5. Even a murder mystery should have its comic moments, and Town Haunts is no exception.
Town Haunts is available for purchase as an e-book from AmazonSmashwords, Apple iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, and other e-retailers, and as a paperback from Amazon and others.

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