Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Suddenly, I'm Researching 2013 Shoe Fashions

These days I'm writing a contemporary romance with a Summer release called The Dating Do Over. It's about a thirty-one-year-old woman who is suddenly dumped on Valentine's Day by her live-in boyfriend of six years. This is new for me; I've never written a contemporary romance before. Suddenly, my characters are young women with disposable incomes living in Toronto and going out to clubs. They're interested in the trendiest fashions in dresses, shoes, and purses. Oh my!

If you don't know me, let me explain who I am. I am a fifty-five year old woman who wears orthotics in her flat lace-ups. I haven't worn a dress since I can hardly remember because my orthotics won't fit into high heels. Geez, I haven't even worn a heel for about fifteen years, and when I tried one on in a shoe store just for fun last year, I didn't remember how to walk in the darn thing. Also, I don't think they make stilettos in "E" widths.

Now, instead of researching carriages for my regency romances or bullet calibers for my mystery series, I'm researching the top ten shoe designers of 2013. The little beauty you see at the top, by the way, is from the Manolo Blahnik Spring 2013 collection. Pretty, isn't it? And when I'm trying to imagine what my heroine's corporate-ladder-climbing friend might wear to a fine restaurant, I bring up the runway fashions from Toronto or Paris for inspiration. I admit that it slows me down a bit, whiling away a half hour or so while I try to choose something to wear - I mean, for my characters to wear. Although it sure brightens up my day on a snowy March afternoon.

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