Friday, 3 April 2015

A Terrific Review of "The Dating Do-Over"

I'm trying out a new review site for my books, a site where I give interested bloggers a copy of my e-books in exchange for an honest review. The site is called "Giveaway Service." Here's the link. Check them out - you may want to become one of their "authors" or reviewers.

One of the bloggers just wrote the most engaging review of one of my books that I've ever read. As I said in the comment I left on the "Informed Sharing" site, I want to read The Dating Do-Over to see what happens next, and I already know! The reviewer is Sandra Lynn, and she is a very interesting, upbeat woman. For example, I just watched a video of her shaving her head. There is also information about White Dog Art, a digital film production company headed by Sandra Lynn's husband, Gary (Wedding pictures included under "Image Gallery." Looks like they had a terrific day.)

If you'd like to read the review to see how an expert does it, here's the link.

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