Sunday, 15 May 2016

Funny Pictures of Cats in Small Spaces

It's true that in my Anna Nolan mystery series my heroine has a faithful dog companion, but in real life, my husband and I have two cats. Their names are Gus and Phin, and we've only had them since the Christmas holidays.

My husband recently bought a pair of shoes and left the box sitting out for the cats to play with. Here's a picture of Phin after he stuffed himself inside and spent the afternoon sleeping in it.

He looks kind of ticked that I bothered him, don't you think?

What is it about cats that they enjoy being in spaces that are too small for them? They seem to have an inherent dignity and superiority that dogs don't have, but they still act like clowns. I decided to pursue this topic on the internet, and found some very funny pictures of cats looking ridiculous in confined spaces. I had a laugh looking at them, and I hope that you will enjoy them too, fellow cat fanciers.

Cat in a basket.

Puss in boot.

Kitten in brandy snifter.

Cat in egg carton. Do you think he figured out where chickens come from?

I actually find this one kind of disturbing. Did there used to be goldfish in there?

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