Anna Nolan Mysteries

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Tidings of Murder and Woe

Book Three in the Anna Nolan series.

Christmas can be murder on families, especially when your mother is Julia Moreland, the CEO of a big oil company. Julia has a secret she’s about to announce to the press, but someone is sending her threatening notes to keep her mouth shut.

Julia’s stepson is dating Magdalena, Anna Nolan’s boss. Anna has already outwitted death twice this year, and her nerves can’t stand much more. Besides, all she wants for Christmas is to spend time with the two men in her life. So, when her boss turns to her for help, Anna is reluctant. Still, curiosity is her downfall, and sticking her nose in where it isn’t wanted her forte.

Tidings of Murder and Woe is a page-turner with plenty of plot twists, dashes of humour and romance, and even a little Christmas baking.

Release date: December 4, 2014

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Town Haunts

Book Two in the Anna Nolan series.

Cemetery caretaker Sherman Mason is horrified to hear his dead wife calling to him from beyond the grave. He asks newcomer Tiernay Rae, a gorgeous witch and proprietor of the Healing Hands store, to hold a seance to find out what’s troubling his wife’s ghost. Tiernay needs a coven to focus her powers, however, so her roguish brother, Greg, suggests that Anna Nolan and her two friends help ‒ “the maiden, the mother, and the crone,” as he calls them. But with Halloween fast approaching and the seance unleashing a malicious evil in the small town of Crane, can Tiernay stop it before someone gets hurt, or even killed?

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 Framed for Murder

Book One in the Anna Nolan series. Winner of the 2014 Bony Blithe Mystery Award.  

Anna Nolan discovers her ex-husband, Jack, on a deserted country road one night ‒ dead, unfortunately.  He could only have been in town to see Anna, unless Jack was looking for their son, Ben.  At least, that’s how the tall, cool Brit leading the police investigation sees it.  To divert suspicion away from her son and herself, Anna delves into Jack’s personal life, only to discover that the actor had been romancing three very different women on a nearby film set. With some rather unorthodox ideas on how to conduct a murder investigation, Anna sets about meeting her ex-husband’s lovers, with harrowing results!
". . . a true 'chiller thriller' that I couldn't put down!" -
"I seldom give five stars for a book but in this case I don't have another possibility. It's an absolutely brilliant story." -  Goodreads Review
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