Saturday, 14 February 2015

"What's the most romantic thing that ever happened to you?" Valentine's Day Contest

Thank you to all those who entered my Valentine's Day contest. It was so much fun reading your stories, and heart-warming too. When it came time to decide who had won, I put everyone's name into a bowl and drew the winner because there was no way that I could decide who had the most romantic story. Congratulations to Nicole Laverdure, who will be sent an autographed copy of The Affairs of Harriet Walters, Spinster, plus those Rheo Thompson Mint Chocolate Smoothies. 

My thanks to the wonderful people at Rheo Thompson Candies who donated a prize. They make such delicious treats, and you can order their candy online. Here's their website:

And now, as promised, here's three romantic stories from our entrants.  Happy Valentine's Day!

I live in Quebec, on Canada's east coast. Several years ago, my husband had to go to Vancouver to work for a week in February. So the day before Valentine's day, he invited me and sent me tickets to fly and meet him. This weekend was so romantic, we went dining at a famous restaurant and spent a wonderful weekend that I will never forget!

Spending a night at the Ritz Carlton in NYC with my Irene.

My husband Ed knew that I was really emotional about our daughter, Deanna, getting married and the fact that she was going to live 2 1/2 hours away from us.  He got down on one knee and told me how much he loved me & how our daughter found the perfect man to marry & have her own life with.  Ed then placed a beautiful ring on my right hand and as he kept telling things like how he still wanted to spend the rest of his life with me placed two matching earrings in my hand.  Then he asked me to turn around & put his arms around me & held out a box with the matching necklace.

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  1. Hi Cathy, I'm so happy to have shared my story! I just showed it to my husband!
    thank you for your book and chocolates! Happy Valentine day!

  2. You're welcome, Nicole!
    Happy Valentine's Day to everyone.