Friday, 23 October 2015

Countdown to Halloween: 9 Things I Love About Halloween!

Halloween is really for kids - what could be better than dressing up in a costume, running around in the dark with your friends, and getting free candy! - but there's still plenty of things that adults can enjoy about the holiday.

Starting tonight, by the glow of a guttering candle next to my computer, I'm going to countdown one thing I love about Halloween from now until the great day. So sit down with a cup of your favourite witches' brew and enjoy them with me.

I get a real kick out of pets in costumes. It's a new craze, really. Part of the modern tendency to treat our pets like people, or even like children. But, darn it, some of those costumes are really clever, and so cute! Even if our pets feel embarrassed. Let's look at some of my favourite pictures.

Look at how those cute little kitten ears fit into the hat ear holes! 
And how calm that kitten is. Could she be any more adorable?

Wow, a dog impersonating Elvis! 
Who knew that the golden retriever has just the right profile for a fifties rock-and-roller. 
Love the wig, the ears, and the cool shades.

Oh my gosh, someone help that poor beagle, he's being eaten by a crocodile!. No he's not! It's just a clever deception. You'll notice the dog's not going for it. He's way too calm.

Here we have the team approach. It's those two caped crusaders, Superdog and Batdog! You'd swear that they were just about to spring into action to save the day.

It's the headless horseman riding a dog! Spooky! 
This costume wins my vote for best design.

Even a hamster can get into the act. So cute!

Speaking of spooky, how do you like this ghastly spectre riding her ghost horse? 
What a great team they make! Do you think that's make-up on the horse, or some kind of fabric overlay?

I couldn't leave this list of pets in Halloween costumes without giving you the link to SA Wardega's video of a mutant giant spider dog! The video went viral in just one day. I really feel for those people who encountered the spider-dog at night. Even knowing that it's a dog inside that costume, I still felt creeped out when I watched the video! Brrr. Watch it, if you dare!

I hope you enjoyed today's countdown to Halloween. Please come back tomorrow night to check out the second thing I enjoy about Halloween. Until then, spooky dreams!

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