Sunday, 25 October 2015

Countdown to Halloween: 9 Things I Love About Halloween

I can remember learning three songs in Grade One which have stuck with me for my entire life. One of them was a Halloween song based upon a poem by Nancy Byrd Turner entitled Black and Gold

When I was researching the song on the internet, I discovered that other people had also learned it in elementary school, so it must have been part of the music curriculum in Ontario. These people seemed to remember it fondly, so I decided to record a simple a cappella version of it and turn it into a video. The video includes the lyrics and some Halloween images I found on the internet. I've uploaded Black and Gold, Halloween Song to YouTube so that the song would never be lost. 

If you learned it in elementary school and want to reminisce, or if you have children or grandchildren you'd like to teach it to, here's the link:
I hope that you enjoy it.

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