Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Connecting Book Series to the Same Town

I just read an interesting article that was brought to my attention by the Romance Writers of America e-newsletter I receive.  It was about author Robyn Carr and how she found success, after starting out writing historical bodice rippers, by writing a series of books that take place in a small town of 600.  Her books focus on different "alpha males" in the community and allow character to reappear in different stories.  I remember romance writer Jennifer Crusie doing the same thing with three of her books.  It's a great idea.  People get to know a character, and then they get to see him from a new angle.  Today's romantic lead can be tomorrow's protective brother, etc. . . .  Plus, it's like watching the "Andy Griffith Show," for all those who've seen the popular 1960's TV show that took place in a fictional small town in North Carolina.  The reader becomes familiar with, and hopefully likes, a cast of characters in a small town, and gets to revisit with them in other books.  That's why book series are so popular, as opposed to one-offs.  People like to spend time with characters they already love.

Here's a link to the article about Robyn Carr.

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