Thursday, 29 October 2015

Countdown to Halloween: Nine Things I Love About Halloween

Halloween takes place in the autumn, my favourite time of year. In Ontario, we have such wonderful tree colours, from golden yellow to orange to scarlet. And when the sunlight hits the leaves, it takes your breath away.

The palette for Halloween decorations matches the autumn landscape: pumpkin orange, fire yellow, and shadowy black. Take a look at my dining table centrepiece in the picture above to catch these colours. You'll see pumpkins, ghosts, skulls, and a raven, some of the main Halloween images. Throw in a witch and a skeleton, and you've pretty much got them all. Wait! I forgot the skeleton who greets you inside my front door. There he is.

My decorations are pretty pedestrian compared to some I've seen. They don't groan, dance up and down, or screech. And these are just indoor decorations. Some people really go all out when it comes to their outdoor decorations, second only to Christmas in their scope and expense. Have you seen anything like this in your neighbourhood?

Graveyards, tombstones, bloody severed body parts - check!

Spiders, witches, ghosts suspended in the air - check!

A giant face staring at you from inside a window. 
I saw one of those for the first time this year.

Wait a minute . . . I've never seen anything like this before.

Nor this lit giant spiderweb.


This year, why not have some fun by taking a walk around your neighbourhood or going for a drive to see what people are up to. It seems like the sky's the limit!

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